Surrounded by Lions – Art Auction – The full exhibition.

Galerie Graf:DADA, the live presentation of the Surrounded by Lions multi-media triptych featured eight paintings, the book release of TRENCH: Diary of a German Soldier(Available only with ticket purchase) and excerpts from the experimental film TRENCH(, which was previously screened in 2012 at EMMEDIA’s PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival.

Galerie framed poster2 copy

The paintings are all featured below. They are my work, that is the artist Lon Parker, under the pseudonym of Alexander Graf. Within the story arc of Surrounded by Lions, Alexander Graf was a bartender who grew up in Zurich and the Cabaret Voltaire, confidant of the early Dadaists, émigré in 1920 to New York City and subsequent passing acquaintance to the early Abstract-Expressionists. The works presented here were presented to Leo Castelli’s for his infamous 9th Street Show in 1951, later to be considered the coming out of the New York School. Featured were de Kooning, Pollock, Franz Kline and Hans Hoffman among the 60+ artists. Alexanders paintings are portraits, primarily of those he considered his mentors including Emmy Hennings, Hugo Ball, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and his German soldier, Alphonse Korb.  His work was turned down by Castelli. They were only publicly presented in 2016 at the Galerie Graf:DADA.


Emmy Hennings

SOLD Emmy Hennings 22″x 18″

Hugo Ball

Hugo Ball 30″x 20″

Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

SOLD Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven 30″x 22″

Alphonse Korb

SOLD Alphonse Korb 30″x 22″

Surrounded by Lions

SOLD Surrounded by Lions 29″x 30″

Chess With Duchamp

SOLD Chess With Duchamp 25″x 26″

Summer Window

SOLD Summer Window 33″x 30″

Four Musicians

Four Musicians 24″x 41″



About atwarwithart

Over thirty years working in the arts and culture arena. Experience in live theatre as an actor/director and writer. As a visual artist participated in group shows and work is featured in many private collections. Over twenty years experience as an independent video producer, editor and media artist. Past-President and Charter Member of EMMEDIA, a major Canadian media art organization.
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