atwarwithart.JPG AT WAR WITH ART is the home of multi-disciplinary artist Lon Parker.

My most recent multi-media project was based on the life of fictional artist Alexander Graf, incorporating the experimental short film TRENCH(screened at the EMMEDIA Particle and Wave Festival in 2012. https://vimeo.com/53232604), the short story TRENCH-Diary of a German Soldier(previously serialized in this blog) and a gallery exhibition of several paintings by Mr. Parker under the pseudonym of Alexander Graf.

Galerie framed poster2 copy

On April 16th of 2016 I presented live at the EMMEDIA screening room Galerie Graf:DADA  an absurdist, Dada inspired multi-media statement of H. Graf’s life, as it meandered through the historical reality of Zurich and Dada, post WWI Europe, Abstract Expressionism, the artistic world of New York City 1920-1951 and the subtle nuances of the famous and infamous artists Graf associated with during the development of two of the 20th centuries most important artistic genres.


The SRO live performance, with accompanying videos and a simultaneous poetry reading, was exceedingly well received. Six of the eight paintings in the gallery exhibition were sold through silent auction. The publication TRENCH-Diary of a German Soldier was included with the price of a full admission ticket and was also similarly lauded. TRENCH also represent the first publication for Man With Spear Publications.

I am presently working on Hugo Ball’s Last Dance, the art of Lon Parker. A gallery show and video presentation October 01-31 2019, lower level at the cSpace King Edward School in Calgary.

Hugo Ball

Hugo Ball



3 Responses to About

  1. Duffy Higgins says:

    Congrats Lon!

  2. atwarwithart says:

    Thanks Duffy. I kept several copies of TRENCH: Diary of a German Soldier for gifts to send out. If you are interested I will happily send a copy to you in NY. https://atwarwithart.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/trench-diary-of-a-german-soldier/

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