Abandoned Buildings are the Canvas for this…

“Throughout the month of October I will be featuring articles and links brought to you by Getty Images. Working at Getty Images, I am fortunate to be regularly exposed to the best in world photography and video, both past and present and the cutting edge of the visual dialogue that frames our world. I hope you enjoy.#gettycontest” The peeling paint, falling tiles, and rusted ironwork are reflected in Rone’s introspective women, as they either cast their melancholy glances across the decaying space or gaze down, as though trying to deny the ruin surrounding them. The pieces seem as though they are charcoal drawings etched into the space over time, showcasing Rone’s masterful brushwork… Via My Modern Met. Artist: Rone

Abandoned Buildings are the Canvas for this…

Australian street artist Rone explores the crumbling fragility of beauty in crumbling spaces in his latest project. Based in Melbourne, the artist, whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, returned home after a series of international large-scale murals and found himself thinking introspectively about concepts of abandoned space, aesthetics, and memory. The result is a pared-back, emotionally naked series of portraits titled Empty.

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Over thirty years working in the arts and culture arena. Experience in live theatre as an actor/director and writer. As a visual artist participated in group shows and work is featured in many private collections. Over twenty years experience as an independent video producer, editor and media artist. Past-President and Charter Member of EMMEDIA, a major Canadian media art organization.
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